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Re-Engage: Extra Speaker!

Only 3 months until Re-Engage Conference 2017!

This year we have Ken Ham as our main speaker, but we have also added another special speaker to our line up, Dr Andrew Snelling. Which means we are now adding Friday night to our conference and at no extra cost to you!

Registration is now open!

$30 covers the Friday AND Saturday. Make sure you sign up today!

Visit our website to register. reengage.org.au


Supreme Court Hearing in Brisbane

Awaiting the results...

We thank you for praying for the Supreme Court appeal today, the Justices have reserved their decision to be given at a later date.

So please be continuing to commit this to the Lord that God would give the Justices wisdom to grasp the law and make the right decision, and that God may be glorified in it all.

Special Outreach - Myanmar

We have a team of 12 heading to the country of Myanmar tomorrow to share the good news of Christ with the people there. Please pray that God will cause many people's hearts to be open to hearing the truth and that souls will be saved.

Intelligence Test Tract

We all love testing out our intelligence, because we often think of ourselves as much more intelligent than we really are. That's why this tract is easy to give out since it's an Intelligence Test.

It looks good and on the back provides a very clear gospel presentation.

This tract is business card size so it fits easily in people's pockets and is only $5 for a pack of 100.

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