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Pagan Festival Outreach in Hobart

Recently our Hobart team had a special outreach to a pagan festival. Every year around winter solstice Hobart hosts the pagan “Dark Mofo” festival. It is without fail a festival that insults the values of Christians and often aims insults at Jesus Himself.

Read the interesting report from the outreach here.

Million Dollar Note Gospel Tracts

"This tract really catches people's attention."

It looks great and undoubtedly you'll have people coming back for more for their friends. The tracts are the same size as the real Australian $100 note and very similar in colour too. A solid gospel presentation is also on the back.

What's best of all is that they are only $5 per pack of 100 tracts!
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Open Air Sketchboard Preaching

Watch this video of an Operation 513 outreach with open air sketchboard preaching at the Gold Coast.

For a list of times and dates of our evangelism outreaches, visit this page.


Evangelism Quote of the Week


A date has now been set for when the appeal to the Supreme Court (Court of Appeal) will be heard, regarding the $10,000+ worth of fines received from the Brisbane City Council for sharing the gospel in Queen Street Mall. It is scheduled to be heard on Tuesday 29 August 2017 before three Supreme Court justices.

For those who not aware of the background: For each of the outreaches that we had, we made sure we had the proper permissions under Queensland's Peaceful Assembly Act 1992. The council did not like that we were using a state law for permission to have our outreaches instead of their local law. For they wanted to be able to put such severe restrictions on us in essence to not be able to share the Christian message at all in the area. However, we knew that state law overrides local law in any inconsistency.

So the Council began fining us for things like handing out a gospel tract, and for starting a conversation with someone. The matter initially went before a Magistrate in September last year who ruled against us. But we appealed to the District Court in January who overturned almost all the points that the Magistrate had ruled against us on, but he still ended up siding with the Council on only one point. We are now appealing to the state's highest court, as we believe the law is on our side.

Please be praying for this matter, so that we and others will continue to have the freedom of sharing the gospel in public. It also has major implications of freedom of speech in general.